Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 3 NYC - The Tour Part 1

Next we walked down the Avenues of America (I think it was called) and headed for Central Park. On the way we saw some interesting sites.

Found the Statue of Liberty. OK, it wasn't the real one, but it was close enough!

Discovered that my daughter, Shelly, had started her own restaurant!

FAO Swartz
Went into FAO Schwartz and found this darling Noah's Ark for only $2,300!

Found the Apple Store. (You know I had to go to the New York Apple Store!) It was fantastic! The glass entryway led to the underground store that was open to the sky. There was a clear elevator that took you down into the store inself. Of course, the store was HUGE! Way bigger than the one in Tulsa. I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to be there.

Glass enclosure - super Cool!

Next we crossed over to Central Park. The first thing I saw was the horses along the street. How pretty they were with their carriages.


Cold! O degrees chill factor
It was extremely cold today. This is me experience Central Park in 0 degree weather!

But we pressed on and walked to the skating rink in the park.

My cousin, Debbie, pointing the way.

What a breathtaking view! The sun was shining; the snow was glistening; and the brilliant colors of the kids jackets racing around the pond completed a picture I will long remember.

Skating in Central Park with view of the skyline in the background.

That was all we could take for this tour. We headed back to the hotel for me to get ready for the conference.

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