Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 3 NYC Conference Session 2

The next session I attended was Pitch Perfect. In this session, Chuck Sambuchino gave tips on how to pitch stories to agents in 90 seconds or less. Basically, it boiled down to two main suggestions:

First - Say the details of the work. The genre category, title of the Book (if it helps), word count if appropriate. Ex. "Hi, I'm Cindy Downes. I have a 350 word picture book manuscript...")

Second: Say the log line aloud. A one sentence description of the work. (Ex: It's a fantasy that follows merlin in his magic adventures .....) In the description, quickly get around to the main character and the inciting incident.

This session was very helpful and convinced me to go ahead and pitch the children picture book idea I brought. Sambuchino gave lots of examples and even gave some the opportunity to try their pitch during the session. 5 STARS for this session!

The Pitch Slam, itself, was held on Saturday. There were 55 agents there. We had two hours to pitch as many agents as possible during that time. We lined up and waited our turn. When our turn came, we had 90 seconds to pitch. A cow bell rang to tell us when time was up. If the agent liked it, he or she would give us information on how to send our manuscript to them so that they would actually read it. (Most unsolicited manuscripts go in a slush pile that they may never read.) If they didn't like it, they said Thank You and you left. Then the process starts all over.

Pitch Slam - waiting in line to pitch the agents!

After looking at the work each agent represented, I found four that were looking for picture books. I pitched all four and got 3 "yes" and one who referred me to someone else they thought would be interested. I'll be working on this next week after I get home!

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