Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 3 NYC - Getting to NYC

What fun I had today, so far. Right now, I am waiting for registration to the conference to open. Debbie has gone to a museum down the street. We'll meet up again at dinner time.

The day started with snow! My wonderful cousin-in-law, Jim, cleared away the "blizzard" while we finished packing. (It would be a blizzard in Oklahoma. They had 4-6 inches. But by 9:00 the roads were completely cleared. Amazing!

NJ Blizzard!

Jim dropped us off at Hamilton Station where we got on the train. We were able to take an earlier train than we had planned. Although the train stopped at every station, we got into NYC before our original train would have arrived. So we were ahead of schedule.

Debbie and I on the train

Then we got on a subway! I've never ridden a subway, so that was a fun adventure. The subway took us almost directly in front of our hotel.

Debbie leads the way!

Ready to embark!

Eeeeek! It's moving!
My first view of NYC from the subway:

Our hotel:

After we settled our stuff in our room, we took off for some adventures in the big city before my conference started. First, we went across the street to Lindy's for some cheesecake! We shared and I only ate 3 bites. I also had 1/2 steak burger.

After lunch, we took a tour of our area around the hotel. You can read about that on my next blog post.

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