Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4: Sat. Night in NYC

After my sessions, Debbie and I took off for dinner and more sight-seeing around NYC. (Debbie had already been walking all day, for which I was glad. She was in better shape than I, and I could barely keep up with her as it was!)

Times Square Cindy
Me freezing in Times Square

We visited the ToysRUs store next to times square and had fun riding the gigantic 4-story ferris wheel inside!

Toys R Us: Wheel

There was also an enormous Barbie Doll House and this Dino that I just loved! He roared, moved and everything!

Toys R Us: Dino

Next, we visited St.Patrick's Cathedral. What a beautiful church!

St. Patricks1

St. Patricks2

We ended the night at a great seafood restaurant nearby (can't remember the name), but I had lobster!

It was so cold, that was about all we could take for the night.

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