Sunday, January 16, 2011

Critique Group

This month, I've been working on the text for a picture book about Caroline Harrison and her ferrets. The transition from writing nonfiction to fiction has been extremely difficult for; but I think I found a way for me to do it. I switched to rhyme instead of prose.

By writing in rhyme, I find myself being more creative. When I try to write fiction in prose, I tend to fall back on my nonfiction writing and start teaching! Not exciting at all!

My critique group is also helping me make this transition. I have the best group of ladies you could ask for. We get together once a month for munchies and critiques of each other's work. This has been extremely helpful and encouraging for me. Helpful because after working on a project awhile, we can't always see our own problems; encouraging because we're all on this journey together.

If you don't have a critique group, I suggest you find one or start one. A group of four is an ideal number. We usually get done in about 2 hours.

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