Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 4, Sat. Session 2

Do-it-Yourself Publishing and How to be Successful at It. This was a panel discussion with Jane Friedman, Patricia Davis, Moriah Jovan, David Carnoy, and April Hamilton.

Because this was a panel discussion, there were a variety of opinions on the topic. Too many to list here. As with all of us, they all had different ways of working, depending on their goals. The bottom line on this is that you need to have a goal for your writing: Do you want to be published traditionally? Are you more of an entrepreneur and rather do it yourself? Do you want to take time to learn how to publish your own books?

Some of the resources they covered were Create Space on Amazon, Lighting Source, Smashwords and Fast Pencil. They discussed pricing and mostly agreed that the sweet spot for e-books was $3.99 for fiction. Nonfiction has much more fluctuations and depended on supply and demand.

As a self-publisher, you can get your books into audio using

You can get your books into libraries and bookstores by going through Lightning Source and Create Space.

If you're doing color books, they recommended creating an app rather than an e-book.

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