Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween cards today...

This first one (pup card) was done with alcohol markers on the dog and pumpkin; I used Washi tape for the pumpkin borders.

This card was cut on my Cricut maker using a free file from BIRDsvgs - I love the scrollwork and the  Maker did a terrific job! 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Getting Ready for Trick or Treat!

Today, I spent the good portion of the day working on these treat boxes. The file is from Lori Whitlock. Various papers. I used my new Cricut Maker!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cricut Maker Day 2

Today, I made a card from an idea I got from Online Card Classes, Day 4. The class uses a background die for this intricate cut, but I didn't have one and it was way too expensive for me to purchase. So, I got on the internet and found an SVG I Christmas Tree background from Miss Kate Cuttables. I uploaded it to Cricut Design Studio and cut it out with my Cricut Maker. It worked like a dream! I used very cheap card stock from a Michael's ($8.00 for 40 sheets). When I was using my silhouette, I couldn't cut with this cheap paper. However, not only did the Cricut Maker cut the paper, but it did it so well that I also have a dish of tiny Christmas trees "glitter" to use in a shaker card!

Here's the final card front. The ribbon opens and Santa opens to reveal an inner white, top-fold card.

The inner card is where you sign your name.

And here are my leftovers ("glitter") - the penny shows you how small these are! The Maker did an awesome job!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Cricut Maker - Day 1!

My Cricut Maker just arrived!! I've unboxed it and already made the sample card and cut out a star from a piece of very thick burlap. LOVE IT! It cuts extremely well and it's quiet!

Alcohol Inks

I just finished this card done with Heartfelt stamps and alcohol inks. I added a small magnet on the front to keep it closed.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I said I wouldn't but I did . . .

I told everyone around me that I WAS NOT going to be purchasing the new Cricut Maker. After all, I just purchased the Cricut Explore Air 2 last Christmas. But, I got on HSN and watched Anna Griffin talk about all the fun things it can do, extra bonus products that came with the AG machine, and the easy (no interest) payment plans, and what did I do? I bought one!

Yes, and it is supposed to arrive on Monday. So, this weekend, I moved everything around on my desk so that I can fit in my new Cricut Maker. Then, I brought out my old Memory Craft 7000 which had been stuffed in my closet for the past five years, and got out an old iPad to use with my Cricut Maker. After it arrives and I have it all set up, I will add a photo of my setup.

Pumpkin Time!

This week, I decided to make the pumpkins from Dreaming Tree files. They turned out so cute! For two of them, I used mini lights; the other one has "jewels" where the lights should be.