Monday, March 24, 2014

My Classes at Cornerstone Tutorial Center

This has been a fun year at Cornerstone Tutorial Center. I'm teaching high school Biology, Beginning Comp, and Intermediate Comp, as well as two elementary classes in Oklahoma History, composition and science. I thought I would post some photos of a few of my students in my classes.

I asked for and received permission to post these photos showing of the hands-on activities we do in my classes.
Writing about Mr. Potato Head in Elementary Comp!
Learning about circuits - is it parallel or series? 
Eating pretzels and building circuits - is this really school? 
Fun in Biology Class!
Dissecting earthworms! 
Yes, girls can learn electronics, too! 
Sentence structure using magazine headlines! 
Making a "sod" house out of brownies
for Oklahoma History class!
Making robots - then we write about it in comp class!

Making friends in biology class
after creating an edible cell! 
Lots of hands-on activities for all ages -
marshmallow molecules! 
Yes, we do actually have "regular" classes as well. This is just photos of our more "fun" days!

For more information about my classes, see my professional website