Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TV Interview

Today, I was interviewed on Channel 17 here in Broken Arrow, OK. They are doing a series on education, so they asked me to answer questions about homeschooling. I followed the Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools. I'm not sure how they will show these segments, but my segment will be shown on June 21 at noon.

I am definitely NOT Ophrah Winfrey, but I did make it through. Interviews are NOT my favorite thing to do. In fact, I usually turn them down. Some people speak; others write. I prefer to write! However, I agreed to do this one as I wanted to share the benefits of homeschooling as well as get the word out about my website and my tutoring at Cornerstone Tutorial Center.

I was interviewed by OETA (local PBS station) several years ago; however, I was not the main subject. They interviewed me for over an hour, but only used one or two minutes of what I said!

The only other time I was interviewed, I thought was the most fun. That time it was by Good Morning America and it was a story about going back to college at an older age. They followed me around campus all day and ended up a five minutes segment. I still have photos of that one on my Empty Nest Mom Goes to College Blog. I notice that Wordpress is now putting ads on my ENMGTC blog, so I should probably take it down. I just hate to lose those memories. :(

So that's my three claims to fame. I don't think I will quit my day job for TV!

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