Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planning for Next Year's Classes

I've had a blast this past year tutoring the homeschooled students enrolled at Cornerstone Tutorial Center. Who knew I would LOVE teaching Biology! I've also enjoyed the composition and marketing classes. So, next year, I'm going to add additional writing classes for other ages, as well as an Oklahoma History class for elementary age students. This should be fun! Here's the rundown of my classes so far: 

Biology (Tues & Thur. 8:30-9:55 am); Gr. 9-12. Exploring Creation with Biology is a Christian-based, rigorous, college preparatory course in Biology that will cover most of the textbook at a rate of one module every two weeks. Topics covered include cellular function, DNA, classification, genetics, evolutionary theory, ecology, and organisms from Kingdom Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, and Plantae. Because the course is difficult and not all children learn the same, the material is presented in a variety of learning styles including PowerPoint presentations, videos, lectures, hands-on activities, labs and worksheets. This will ensure the success of every student who does the required homework.  

Kids Can Write / Oklahoma History (Thur. 12:05-1:25pm) Gr. 3-6: Semester 1 is a "First Writing Class" for students who have learned to write in both manuscript and cursive. The goal of the class is to take the fear out of writing. Students will create their own autobiography using photos and short texts, make pop-up books in a variety of subjects, and participate in a variety of hands-on activities that encourage writing. In Semester 2, students will use the writing skills they learned to create an Oklahoma History Notebook. Students will be introduced to the history, geography, economics, people, places, plants, animals, and important events of Oklahoma using all learning styles. During class, they will hear stories about Oklahoma, watch videos, listen to songs, cook recipes, create a timeline of events, complete worksheets, and participate in hands-on activities that will make learning FUN! At the end of the semester, the students will take home a notebook of worksheets and photos of projects completed that illustrates what they learned about Oklahoma History.  

Beginning Composition (Thur. 9:55-11:15am); Gr. 7-9: Beginning Composition is an introductory writing class for students who are just learning to write reports and essays OR who would like extra practice. Students will learn sentence and paragraph structure, outlining, and how to write the five-paragraph essay. Projects will include personal narratives, descriptive essays, expository essays, persuasive essays, and report writing for academic subjects. To encourage the students that writing can be fun, class activities may include an occasional "Wacky Research Report." During class, students will participate in hands-on activities to increase their vocabulary and grammar skills, brainstorm ideas, and practice specific writing techniques. Although the emphasis of this class is writing, the students will also work through 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Gr. 8 (both in class and at home) as a review of grammar. This course will prepare students for Intermediate Composition.  

Intermediate Composition (Tues. 9:55-11:15am); Gr. 9-12: Intermediate Composition is a continuation of Beginning Composition and prepares students for Advanced Composition. Projects will include reports and essays in the form of personal narratives, descriptive essays, expository essays, persuasive essays, and report writing for academic subjects. These projects will be longer and more advanced than those in Beginning Composition. During class, students will participate in hands-on activities to increase their vocabulary and grammar skills, brainstorm ideas, and practice specific writing techniques. Although the emphasis of this class is writing, the students will also work through 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, Gr. 12 (both in class and at home) as a review of grammar.  

Marketing (Thurs. 1:30-2:50pm); Gr. 9-12: This course will introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship and marketing through two projects. In Part I, students will explore their own entrepreneurial potential. They will take a job interest and skills assessment, explore careers and entrepreneurial opportunities, brainstorm ideas for businesses, and learn how to manage time. Students will then work individually or in teams to create a product or service. Each team will write a business plan, a marketing plan and a financial plan for their business; create both print and online tools necessary to market their product or service; and present its business idea to a "Shark Tank" panel. In Part 2, our class will "adopt" a local nonprofit business and the students will work in teams to create a marketing plan for this organization. Teams will interview staff, conduct surveys to identify the market and create a variety of promotional materials including business cards, flyers, calendars, brochures, videos, and online media. At the end of the year, each team will present its marketing plan to the representatives of the nonprofit. Participation is through discussion, lectures, in-class activities, homework assignments, conducting surveys and interviews, Internet research and group projects. 

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