Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to AP Style!

After I graduated college in 2009, I thought I was done with the AP Stylebook; but, not so. I just had to re-up my subscription to write for magazines!

If you want to do any serious magazine writing, most of them require that you use the AP Stylebook. Here's a money saving tip: If you buy it as a book, it's about $20-$25. If you buy it as a one-time year subscription, it's $25. BUT, if you do the automatic renewal, it's only $15/year! Even if you find you don't need it later, you can always cancel.

The online version is much easier to use. You can do a search for terms without having to know in which section it is, save often-used terms to your own "notebook," and get updates as they occur. Very handy!

So, back I go to my AP Stylebook for a refresher! (I wonder how many mistakes I made in this entry!)

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