Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time for Nonfiction

I've had to put my fiction writing aside for awhile. I'm currently working on an article for Oklahoma Living Magazine, as well as updating my homeschool website and Oklahoma History curriculum. Between that, decorating my porch and visits to John Hopkins' Wilmar Eye Institute (for my husband's vision problems), I just haven't much time for writing fiction.

The idea came for redecorating my porch came from some purple, pink and white violets I bought at the grocery store. First, I bought purple napkins, pillows, and a candle for my bookshelf. I added another purple and green flower arrangement to the bookshelf, as well as white porcelain cats on two tables.

I already had green and white railroad plates from my mother, so I used those on top of  green place mats for the table. In the center, I placed purple grapes in a cut glass bowl.

Next, I found a green lounge chair that goes perfect with the greens in the accessories. Of course, my cat had to help Bill put it together!

Then I moved everything around for a more comfortable setting. That included getting rid of a desk I had in there. No more office look!

What do you think? Isn't this the perfect spot for writing! I'm totally inspired, so back to work!

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