Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do Writer's Make a Living?

Last week, I participated in a Webinar hosted by Terry Whalin in which the host interviewed Sally Stuart, author of the Christian Writer’s Market Guide. I asked the question, “Do writers really make any money today? How many books do you need to write to make a living?”  Her answer was, “A lot. It’s very difficult to make a living as a freelance writer.” She went on to say that she knows writers that have 8-10 to a dozen books in print and can’t make a living. She also said that most writers have to supplement their income by editing, tutoring, or teaching seminars and conferences.

As a self-published author, who is trying to break into the traditionally published market, this is a bit disconcerting! However, it also helped me decide to manage my time better. I don’t really want to publish my own fiction, but since it’s probably not going to be a big money maker, I will have to spend more time working on my nonfiction to keep the money rolling in.

Does anyone with experience in both self-publishing and traditional publishing have any suggestions for those of us who are thinking of going the traditional route?

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