Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review of "A Crow of His Own"

I recently received a review copy of A Crow of His Own, written by Megan Dowd Lambert and illustrated by David Hyde Costello. Love this book! 

Scrawny Clyde is brought in to take the place of Larry, the prized rooster who took off for new opportunities. The question is: Can Clyde live up to Larry’s reputation?

Clyde tries his hardest to live up to Larry’s reputation using every trick in his book, but he soon finds himself inadequate for the task. In the end, however, Clyde saves the day by "crowing a crow of his own."

Colorful illustrations, a subtle lesson to “be yourself,” and a happy ending make this a book any child would enjoy.

Teachers: “A Crow of His Own” is a great choice for a mentor text in the composition classroom. First, it contains some amusing alliteration. For example: “He had a crick in his comb, his right wing was all wrong, and his wattle? Well, his wattle was a wobbly wreck.”

And, second, the use of complex words such as “disapproving,” “humiliated,” and “inquired” demonstrate how word choice can enhance a story and make it fun to read, even for the youngest reader. 

I thoroughly enjoyed A Crow of His Own and recommend it to children, parents, and teachers, alike.

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