Monday, January 5, 2015

Renew Your Writing Vows in 2015

Ramona DeFelice Long is a new online friend and mentor that I met through Sisters in Crime. She recently posted this on her blog, and I want to pass it on because it helps me continue to press on towards the goal of finishing my novel; something that I've wanted to do for years, but never made the time to do.

With Ramona's help and the help of our sprints online, I am finally seeing progress. It also helps to know that someone took three years to write a book. That gives me freedom to write one hour a day and not worry that it won't be done tomorrow. I guess it's that Tortoise and the Hare mentality: Slow and steady WILL win the race! Thanks, Ramona. I'm taking the pledge and so is Oreo!

I, Cindy Downes do solemnly swear to devote one hour each day to Sacred Writing Time. That means no one and nothing disturbs this time, including myself.
I will work at my laptop in my bedroom. When you, the undersigned, see me at this location, you will respect my Sacred Writing Time Pledge and not disturb me unless there is blood flowing from multiple places on someone’s body.
Signatures: Cindy Downes (yours) OREO? (your family’s)

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