Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mystery Writing Basics

I found a nifty resource for mystery writers written by Gillian Roberts, author of You Can Write a Mystery. The information is a brief extract from her book and provides quite a bit of information that will get you started on your first mystery.

Lesson #1 —Where do you get your ideas?
Lesson #2 —Writing your character's stories.
Lesson #3 —Amateurs, Semi-Pros, and Pros: Who will be your sleuth?
Lesson #4 —What to think about when you think about your setting.
Lesson #5 —Descriptions the reader won't skip.
Lesson #6 — It's all in your point of view.
Lesson #7 —Making the reader care.
Lesson #8 — How to write what you know (about murder).
Lesson #9 — How to write what you don't know.
Lesson #10 — Talking about dialogue: Part I.
Lesson #11 — Dialogue, Part II: Ways to present dialogue.
Lesson #12 — Do actions speak louder than words?
Lesson #13 — Playing Fair and Keeping Secrets: Hiding clues.

Check it out on her website at

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