Sunday, November 9, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus

Yes, I bought one! I couldn't resist. I thought this would be the ideal phone: I could use it as a phone and as an ebook reader. Since my AT&T contract was up, I was able to buy one a lot cheaper, so I did.

I've had it for about three weeks now. It took a bit of getting used to because of the size. I've had to learn to hold it differently than I did my other iPhones. In fact, I'm looking for a case now that will not only protect it, but also have a "kickstand" so I can prop it up. I think that will be helpful in many cases.

The new IOS system is awesome. I love the thumb print ID on the front of the phone - so much easier to use. The camera is exceptional. I can read my email, text messages, and ebooks SO Much better on this. I really do not need my iPad or Kindle any longer for ebooks. However, because my eyes are older, I can't play some of my games (hidden objects and puzzles) on the iPhone 6 plus. I just can't make the screen big enough to find all the objects. So, the bottom line is no, I'm not giving up my iPad or Kindle yet. I like my games too much.

However, I find myself using my phone much more with the plus. I love the recording feature on the phone. This is not a plus only feature, but I only discovered it with the plus.

I can't always fit it in my pocket, but it slips perfectly in my Vera bags with outside pockets. Makes it easy to carry and easy to retrieve. I purchased an arm band for working out - still looking for a better one since it flops around a bit, but it will do for now.

All in all, I'm a very happy customer.

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