Sunday, April 20, 2014

Somerset by Leila Meacham

I just finished Somerset by Lelia Meacham and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had not read any other books by Meacham, but I will certainly be looking for them now.

This book is a family-saga set just before, during, and after the Civil War.  It follows three major families, the Tolivers, Dumonts and Warwicks, as they move from South Carolina to settle in Texas. Because it spans three generations, prepare yourself for some tears. Babies are born, children and parents die, marriages are made, and marriages are dissolved. Everything you expect in a family saga.

I enjoyed the book mainly because of the main character, Jessica Wyndham. We follow her from the day she is forced to marry Silas Toliver to the day she dies. She is the glue that holds everyone together, and the  hero of the story in my eyes.

If you enjoy family sagas and historical novels, you will enjoy this book. Now, I want to read Roses. Somerset is the prequel to Roses, but Roses was published first.

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