Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Wireless Earbuds to Try Out!

I just received a launch sample of the new BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds by Plantronics in the mail to test out! I'm especially excited that they are "sweat-proof" so I can wear them to the gym! I also like the nifty charging case. Supposedly, you get about 4 hours on the earbuds, but with the case, you can about 14!

I'm also getting the Munitio Earphones to try out.  These are supposed to be engineered by music industry professionals, so they should have great sound. It will be fun to compare the two.

I'll write a full review after I've used them both for a while.


I was going to wait to review BackBeat Go 2 after I had used it a while, but I can't wait! These headphones are awesome! 

First, the fit. I changed around the ear pieces and found that the smallest are perfect for my ears. With the stabilizers, I have no worries they will fall out while I exercise. I jumped around, did sit-ups, and tried to shake them out. Wouldn't happen. I'll test them at the gym later this week, but so far, these are great fit. I don't even feel them on my neck. The cord is extremely lightweight. 

Now for the sound, the best part. Oh my, these far surpass anything I've tried. My ultimate test is listening to Vivaldi's Concerto No. 1 in G Minor. I could hear every instrument just like I was in a concert hall. It was beautiful. Next, I tried some pop music - Best Song Ever by One Direction was popping with exceptional bass. The piano was crisp and clear in Just Give Me a Reason by Pink. I did have to turn the volume down on that one! On I went to country where I had to turn the volume down to 1/2 listening to That's my Kind of Night by Luke Bryan. Great country sound, too! Finally, I wanted to try another one of my favorite old movie tunes: May it Be with Enya. Ahhh - so beautiful and peaceful. It was like I was watching the movie. I can't say enough about the sound on these headphones. 

Next, I tried a phone call. This took a bit of getting used to. I felt like I was talking in a tunnel because I couldn't hear myself that well. The other party heard me fine and I heard him fine, too; but I kept wanting to talk louder because of the "tunnel" effect. I think because they block out noises, it's harder to hear yourself. 

OK, I'm back listening to Enya. So peaceful. . . 

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