Friday, January 10, 2014

Call of the Prairie by Vickie McDonough

I received an advance copy of Vickie McDonough's new book, "Call of the Prairie. However, when I read the back cover of the book, my first thought was, "What has Vickie done now?" I mean really, a book about a girl with asthma? I was NOT interested. 

I decided to put it aside and try to "get through it later," but because I was eating my lunch and sitting down, I opened up to the first page and started to read. Before my lunch was done, I was on page 35 and didn't want to stop.  By the next day, I had finished the book. So much for boring! On the contrary, the book was great! It was everything I look for in a book: romance, handsome heroes, and beautiful, independent heroines, mixed in with a touch of mystery and a very happy ending.

Vickie McDonough is one of the few writer's who can make any subject interesting, including a girl with asthma! You won't want to  miss this one! 

Note: Call of the Prairie is Book 2 in the Pioneer Promises series and will be in book stores in January 2014. 

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