Friday, September 21, 2012

Teaching Again, Part II

The first three weeks of school was interesting! It's been a challenge to get back into teaching mode; but, I have a great bunch of students, so that has been helpful. `

The biggest challenge has been the time it takes to create the lesson plans. I am doing my biology class in PowerPoint slides with videos for added interest. It's been fun finding the resources, but time consuming.

The other challenge is my composition class. I have students of all writing levels, so I'm trying to find ways to help the ones who need additional help while challenging the ones who are more proficient. I have been reading through textbooks and other resources trying to find a solution, but I am ending up having to create my lessons from scratch. This, too, is time consuming!

Another challenge is my hearing. I have been ignoring the fact that I have to have closed captioning to watch TV and that I can't always understand what people say. I simply ignore it. Now, however, I realize it's affecting me in the classroom. I can't always understand what my students are saying. So now, I'm going to make that appointment I've needed to make - the audiologist. I can't continue to ignore this. That makes me feel old. Sigh! :(

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