Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reading The Art of Romance is like eating chocolate candy with no calories!

I was drawn to The Art of Romance by Kaye Dacus because the Matchmakers are a group of Baby Boomers my age. “Sassy,” Trina, Lindy, “Perty,” and Maureen gather together each week at the Pfunky Griddle in Nashville, to discuss their “mission” to get their grandchildren married so that one of them can be the first in their senior adult group to have a grandchild. So typical for women my age!

In this story, the main objective is to match up Sassy’s granddaughter, Caylor, with Perty’s grandson, Dylan.

Caylor doesn’t date and has no plans to marry any time soon. She’s a tenured, English professor at James Robertson University and writes inspirational romance novels on the side. When her grandmother lost her license because of low vision, Caylor also became a companion and driver. Now, she has no time for romance and is not looking for one.

Dylan is an artist and has moved home to live in his grandmother’s carriage house until he can find a job. He lost his job as an art instructor in another town because of a scandal in which he was involved. He’s also recovering from a relationship that changed him as a person. All he wants to do now get a job to pay the bills and put his past behind him.

But Caylor and Dylan meet. They begin to fall in love, but other secrets from the past begin to threaten their romance. Early in her writing career, Caylor wrote steamy romance novels under a pen name; and, in order to pay for college, Dylan illustrated book covers for the same type of novels. What neither of them knows is that Dylan illustrated the steamy novels that Caylor wrote, using himself as a model. Both are convinced the relationship will end when the truth comes out.

I loved the ending of this book! It’s what a true romantic reads for – an ending to a story, set in another time and place, that not only takes your breath away, but, for just a moment, you really can imagine life as this simple and satisfying. It’s a treat – like eating chocolate that has no calories!

If you’re a romantic looking for clean, inspirational fiction, you’ll love The Art of Romance.

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