Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Finally a Bride by Vickie McDonough

I read books to be entertained; to be encouraged about life and the belief that there is a hope and a future. I like books that feature heroes and heroines that are trying to live by traditional Christian values, even if they fail to reach the goal 100% of the time. Too many books today have given up on traditional values; instead, accepting failure as normal. There’s no hope that we humans can do better. 

Vickie McDonough doesn’t accept this premise. She writes books that not only entertain, but also inspire us with messages of hope and a new life in Christ. McDonough introduces us to characters that are far from perfect. They have problems. They make mistakes. Their lives are not all they should be, but they don’t accept it as normal. They aim high, continuing to work towards a life that pleases their Creator. They may not get there in this life, but they never give up trying. There is a goal to be reached.

Finally a Bride (Texas Boardinghouse Brides, Book 3) is a love story about people with problems, with mistakes they’ve made, and people they’ve hurt. It’s a parable about forgiveness and new life. And, on top of that, it’s very entertaining!

The setting is Texas, turn of the century. There are still cattle ranches and cowboys, small-town life, and church dinners, with romance as the main theme. Finally a Bride focuses on the love stories of small-town reporter, Jacqueline Davis; temporary pastor, Noah Jeffers; and ex-con, Carly Payton, one of the original Boardinghouse Brides. “Jack” wants to move to Dallas to become a “real” reporter, Noah is keeping a secret from his congregation, and Carly may be forced to leave the town she loves because of her past. Further complicating the plot is a murder in town, some robberies, and an unwanted suitor.

You don't have to read the Boardinghouse series in order as McDonough gives you enough information in each book about past characters and events that you won't feel lost. However, you may enjoy it more if you do read them in order.

Finally a Bride is fun, very romantic, and inspiring. It’s recommended reading for anyone who wants to spend a few hours enjoying a great love story that brings with it a message of hope.

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