Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts

Nelson's Complete Book of BIble Maps and Charts, 3rd EditionNelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts is a combination Bible Atlas and Bible Commentary. It is organized to take the reader, book by book through the Bible using maps, charts, and graphs. Perfect for the visual reader!
The book is divided by Testament and further divided by books in each Testament.

The Old Testament begins with an overview chart of famous people, important events, contemporary culture information and the date that each book was written.

The Old Testament is further divided into five sections: Pentateuch, Historical Books, wisdom Literature, Prophetic Books and the Intertestamental Period. Each of these sections includes an introduction, a chronology of events, and a brief commentary.

Each book in a section includes information on the author of the book, a short overview of the contents, an outline of the book, and a commentary on the contents of the book. Full-color maps and charts provide additional information. For example, in Genesis, there are maps illustrating the geography of the Middle East, the route Abraham traveled from Ur to Egypt, and the location of the nations located in Genesis. A variety of charts and diagrams contrast the two Adams, compare the ages of the Patriarchs, illustrate the spiritual decline during the generations following Abraham’s, and reveal common sayings that originated from Genesis. 

The New Testament is arranged into three sections: The Four Gospels, The Epistles of Paul, and The General Epistles. In each book, there are charts that provide additional information such as an overview of each book, dreams and visions in the New Testament, and a list of the twelve apostles and in which book each was mentioned. Photos take the reader to the Sea of Galilee, the Roman Road in Corinth, the ruins of Caesarea, and other places relevant to this time and place. A variety of maps show the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus, the missionary trips of Paul, and the location of the seven churches in Revelations.

This is not a complete commentary, and serious students of the Bible will need a more substantial resource. However, for those who are interested in an overview of the Bible, this is an excellent resource. It’s easy to read, colorful and interesting. 

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